Thursday, June 11, 2015

|| the stiff, cold winter ||

[see...I wrapped Liesl up in this huge puffy blanket for our outing to the clinic to get her measles shot. I've had enough of "Hey. E-way..You.  You, must-E wrap the baby in thE blanket-e. She will catch thE flu-E.  Ma ma ma ma ma [shaking the head] must-E wrap thE baby.]

Now, with a title like that, you can imagine that it is about 32* here.  On the contrary, it is a "freezing" 52* tonight.  I have to laugh at how marriage and living here is changing me bit by bit.  

This is now my third winter.  The first winter, I was a newlywed.  "Astonished" is such a kind word for how I felt about that first winter.  What?!!  Get OUT of the shower and not stand on a heating vent.  Be cold IN MY HOUSE.  Be cold ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY?  My friends and family are frolicking on their green grass and catching fireflies and watching fireworks in their short-sleeve shirts.  Why Am I Cold?  

Last winter, I was pregnant and dealt with the cold much better.  More of a's cold.

This winter, I'm more like....cold....oh yeah!  It's chilly.  I get to wear boots!  I get to wear scarves!  I get to wear my puffy down.  But I can't decide if it's that I've actually adjusted to backward seasons or if it's mental.  You see, I leave in a little over a week for a holiday during the American summer!  Woohoo!!  Fireworks, fireflies, blueberries, strawberries, long summer days, windows open (my life here, too), farmers markets, baskets of flowers and bedded annuals everywheeeeeere!!!!!  Woohooooo!!!  

At any rate, I'm not nearly as bothered about the cold which is SO nice.  Life is starting to gather a new normal.  

But I assure you, the cold weather is felt so much more accutely here.  It is cold in the bones.  It is 24/7-camping-all-day-long cold.  No carpets.  [Stone floors.]  No forced heat blowing out of a vents.  [A tiny, little, tiny, little space heater.] 

Anyways, it is fun to poke fun at the cold here.  I'm such a wimp considering I'm from the Midwest.  :) 


Heather said...

Lol, that's hysterical!

Tommy Hopkins said...

How funny to think that it was 52 degrees and you were cold. That really is the difficult to adjusting. To call it Summer and have it cold out must be so confusing. Especially if you are going to visit America in its nice warm Summer. What a backwards world that must be. Nonetheless, enjoy the warm clothing while its cold!

Ambrose said...

Wow, 52 degrees in June is freezing where I come from! I live in the very southern part of the US and that is considered to be our winter. I would be out in boots, coat, and gloves before it dropped any lower. It is really interesting how chilly it is where you are and how the US is just coming into the warmer months.