Monday, November 12, 2012

::another fun Friday::

On Friday, the kids I nanny had the day off school.  We had a great time visiting a Museum in Chicago.  When we did this trip in the summer, we took the train.  This time, I drove in to the city giving us at least 2 extra hours.  What fun!

Other than a few school groups, there weren't many people there so the kids were able to spend lots of time playing + learning at the exhibits.


We had to get a picture by the cows.  :)

Also, I learned something very interesting.

If you were to drink either a can of pop a day OR eat a candy bar a day for a year, which product would cause you to gain the most weight?

My first reaction: the soda pop [duh!]
Really >>> it's the candy bar.

I don't know why this was a shocker but it's something I learned on Friday.  :)

Happy new week!

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