Tuesday, December 28, 2010

::oh boy::

To start off this post, I must say that Christmas was wonderful.  It was very low-key but it was good.  To start on Christmas Eve, we went downtown for dinner.  Then Christmas morning, I sleeeeeeeeept iiiiiiiiiiiiiin.  We are not an "early bird" family but we also don't sleep in much.  I was pleasantly surprised that no one had woke me up by 9:45am.  So I was the last one up.  We had devotions together, ate breakfast, opened our gifts, and got ready to go see my little Granny.  By this time, it was after 1pm.  We spent time there, had dinner at 4:30 and then just chilled.  It was great.

Yesterday, was my first day off in I-can't-remember-when.  If I'm not cleaning in the morning, I still have my nanny job. Well, I didn't have to work at all yesterday.  So I decided to finish making a second pillow to match the one I already had.  Well, a very, very long story made so very, very short is that I got a new sewing machine yesterday.  I used my Christmas money and an early birthday present from my parents.  [Very early.....squeak....we're weird like that!]

I didn't know a sewing machine could be so a-mazing.  As I left the quaint, little shop, the proprietor said, "Happy Sewing!"  I didn't know that was possible!  So I am thanking the Lord for His direction yesterday and praying for new opportunities to open!

::the whole she-bang::
 ::more buttons::

Happy Tuesday!


Kali said...

Very nice!

Dear Abbi said...

Ooooh, nice sewing machine! Have fun!!

And Merry Christmas to you! Yours sounds PERFECT! :)

followingsplendor said...

Same brand as mine! You are going to love-love-love it! I know-I get a little excited about sewing machines--especially new ones:) Happy sewing!

Andrea Speckhals said...

Hey! I got a sewing machine for Christmas too, from Dustin!

Alisa said...

Oh, she's gorgeous! :)