Monday, November 15, 2010

endless gifts {386-395}

holy experience

386. stellar parents
387. my grandma came through surgery successfully
388. my Mom's health [The older I get, the more I am thankful for my Mom's health. She is going in for a routine check up today. This December 7th will be 12 years since she was initially diagnosed with AML. She told me today that she never thought she would live this long. Wow. God is so good!]
389. forgiveness
390. encouragement from others
391. music that lifts my soul
392. Sunday school
393. the people I work with in my ministries
394. the Holy Spirit and His working in my life
395. the family I work for


I must add...
396. Andrea
397. Sharon

A personal side-note. These two ladies are incredible. I grew up with them. I've had a few email exchanges or comment exchanges {blog to blog} with them recently. Their mother is someone who had a profound influence on my life. I was able to help out in her Sunday school class the year and a half before the Lord took her home. She also had it arranged my freshman year for "town girls" to come to nightly devotions at the college girls dorm while I was in college. I can still hear some of her "devos" and words of admonition and encouragement. I miss her so much. And the love of the Lord that shone through her life has been passed on to her daughters. They are a Biblical example of love and friendship!


Kali said...

Praise the Lord for your mom's health! There are several ladies I've known that were diagnosed with cancer and not given very long to live, but praise God lived MANY years past the doctors prediction!

I'm glad to hear your grandma's surgery went well!

Sharon said...

Becca, I really enjoy these "endless gifts." I've started my own list, after linking from your blog to the "Holy Experience" and reading the stories there.

Praise the Lord for your mom's health! That's so incredible! 12 years went by fast, for sure. What a blessing and answer to prayer!

My Bright Corner said...

Sharon, your comment means a lot! Thanks.

Andrea Speckhals said...

Oh, Becca, I don't know what to are too kind! Your friendship is a blessing glad I got to speak with your mom a couple of weeks ago when we were back in town. I was recently telling Dustin, these "Friends of the Family" are so special.
Thank God for your mom's twelve years. Truly, "His way is perfect."