Saturday, October 30, 2010

::and it's another giveaway::

Another blog is hosting a giveaway for some loot from my Etsy shop.

The giveaway is tomorrow and since I will be busy with church tomorrow [and you probably will be, too], I thought I'd let you know a day early.

The winner will receive one set of cards and a free stand [of course].

Here's the great thing:  the giveaway will go until next Friday.  So even if you can't get on the computer tomorrow, you have until next Friday to enter.

Please enter!  I would love for one of ya'll to win.

The hilarious thing about Laura is that she won a giveaway from my shop that was hosted on another blog.  I had just agreed to participate in her giveaway week then Boom! she won the giveaway for my shop.  How neat is that?

Don't forget to enter next week and I will remind you, too!

Do you think I should host a giveaway on my blog, too.  Maybe someday...

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